Olga Glumcher



tel. +38 0632422980

Olga Glumcher is a Ukrainian artist. In 2005, she got a Master’s Degree in graphic arts in the Kyiv Poligraphic Institute. 

 Olga Glumcher is a Ukrainian artist  whose work has been exhibited globally in Europe, Japan, United Kingdom and The United States.
Some notabal exhibitions include the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Berlin Art Show 2009, Art Revolution Taipei

“ I paint therefore I exist. 

Art for me is a way to understand, even influence change in the world which creates a magical experience. My inspiration to paint is to showcase the inner beauty of people, nature and life as it exists.


I work in watercolor and oil and combine ancient techniques with contemporary concepts and vision as I see it having been inspired  by the Japanese and Chinese way which allows me to constantly work at balancing myself and paint harmonious works”

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